Hopefully there’s method in the madness

What do you do when you can’t decide? Go to Plan C of course!

In this case, a back-burner project that has sort of been in the planning for a while…A chemise type top, to be worn mostly under something else. I’ll show the inspirations & styling plans when it’s done. But the work-in-progress look so ridiculous that I just had to share…

Mad innit! Hopefully when the elastic is in it’ll look  sane again. I had to go to this extreme because I tried this gauze fabric – which used to be window drapes, though I think I bought yards of it in the dressmaking fabrics department…erm, where was I?

Oh yes, not limp enough nor crisp enough gauze. I tried to make a kaftan out of it. But it just made me look too well-fed as it was neither oversized nor fitted. So this time I’m betting on the gathering to actually making it look slimmer even though the ungathered state is way wider. I hope I can pull off this paradox. One things for sure, this one won’t be a No-Breathing Oops!

The pattern is sort of a Frankenstein’s monster – a mix of Burda Style 2010-02-117/118 and this simple instruction for Italian Renaissance raglan chemise I found online.

I’m just hemming it by hand now and waiting for the mail-order elastic to turn up – I couldn’t find any nearby, ridiculous isn’t it?

Stay tuned to find out if it goes onto my TBA pile or if you can really turn water into wine!

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