The 2014/15 Janus Post

Hello everyone. I hope you all had a most wonderful Xmas & festive New Year! Or at least a relaxing holiday! Mine was a bit stressful: First time catering solo for 7 (we don’t usually celebrate). Plus having to finish up cleaning & home decorating that I’ve been avoiding for ages. But none of that […]

Epic #NYlon2014 meet up

You got to hand it to gregarious Rachel of House of Pinheiro for organizing such an epic #NYlon2014 meet-up. She counted 71 attendees this year. Wow. There were colorful ladies not just from all over UK, but also honored guests from across the pond and the Continent as well. Colorful too were the Me-Mades on […]

Mutton-As-Lamb Tiered Skirt Yeehaw

OK, having slept on it (not literally of course), I’ve decided my adult version of the tiered Yeehaw skirt isn’t so bad. MR begs to differ. He thinks I’m on the wrong side of 40 to wear a skirt so short. The pre-final-wash puffiness didn’t help. But I think style it right and it doesn’t […]