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Credit: Yatabazah / Thanos Samaras

I’m a London-based fabric & sewing enthusiast who’s a New Yorker at heart. Because home is where one grew up. And where the fabric heavens are. So New York will always be dear to me. Even if I end up living in London for longer than I’ve lived in NYC.

Over the years I’ve parked sewing in pursuit of other things. But mid-life crisis has returned me to this early Love.

I’d be perfectly content with an epitaph of “She sewed, therefore she was…” BTW I’d want to be buried swathed in my leftover stash! At the rate I’m sewing & acquiring new fabrics, there will probably be enough to fill a mausoleum! No, not even over my dead body will you pry them fabrics from my cold fingers ;-)

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